About Eric Zito

  • Origin: Oxford, MA, USA

  • Education: Full Sail University

  • Degree Program: Digital Cinematography (Bachelor's)

  • Current Location: Myrtle Beach, SC 

  • Service Area: Nationwide

Growing up in the suburbs of Worcester, MA, Eric Zito found a love for the art of photography and videography. After graduating high school, Eric went to Worcester State University to study communications with a focus in video editing. About two years into the program, Eric came to the realization that the school he was attending did not provide the necessary education to excel in a career in the video world. After looking for other options, Eric found Full Sail University and decided to transfer.  The Digital Cinematography online degree program at Full Sail University allowed Eric to own his own business while still going to school. This allowed Eric to build his portfolio and gain the experience needed to get better at his craft. After finishing the program, Eric is now ready to put his knowledge to the test.

With credits such as Walmart, COSTCO, Wayfair and Global Seating Solutions (GSS), Eric brings a corporate essence to the table. On the other side of the spectrum, Eric enjoys working with local musicians and creating a brand for them. With knowledge in programs such as Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, etc. Eric can make your dreams on screen come to life sooner than you ever thought possible.